Experience a whole new air purification experience – vicious, functional and inspiring. From the inside out, AquaMed doesn’t just purify your air, it brings a piece of nature directly into your place of choice. Sea air will make you feel the difference

Enrich your home with AquaMed air

The AquaMed confidently purifies and mineralizes the air in a room between 60 and 80 square meters once an hour. Placing the device in the right position, it easily projects richer air across the entire room.

Due to our strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, the AquaMed device works on a significantly low power consumption and still achieves a consistent air mineralization.

When spending 90% indoors, and most of it at home, you should be aware of the air you breathe. Always get the best out of every day, your environment, your air. Let AquaMed not only reduce allergic pathogens such as house dust and other harmful substances. Inspire your home with simply better air.

Strong when needed…

The two ventilation speed levels allows you to adjust the purifying mode according to your activities.

…but whispering when you want to let loose from a hard day

At Level 1 the AquaMed respects your private moments and enriches your air quietly.

With your homes in our minds, we have created a device that inspires your air with vital minerals and trace elements. We want to go beyond the usual air cleaning and help you to persistently overcome the four big air-related experiences in your home.

Respiratory Loads

Your breath is short. A tight and painful chest affects your day. Furthermore you have difficulties sleeping because of frequent coughing.

Symptoms that occur through various respiratory stress vary from easy to severe, from only once every couple of days, during workout to even ongoing discomfort throughout the whole day, every day. And those are increasing. As a result of the environmental situation and increasingly frequent mineral deficiencies in the air and in the blood, sustained stresses can quickly lead to lasting complaints (such as asthma or the like).

In order to reduce the stress in your room air, it is essential to keep your household as clean as possible from dust, pollen and others.

With AquaMed you can enrich your air with valuable minerals and trace elements, as you would only experience on a beautiful seashore.


You hear light water movement in the background.  The rushing of the sea calms your mind. You free your thoughts from work and other every day issues.

And somehow at a seaside you experience a better breathing, you sleep deeper and recover more from the last day. Is it the water? Is it the air? The temperature? Probably it is the combination of those, a bit of each and every element.

As we know our breathing massively affects our quality of sleep. So why don‘t wrap up the marine air and release it in your bedroom, whenever you want?

AquaMed – the world‘s first sea air simulator. Try it!


You sit at home, with a glass of wine and your favorite cigar. You look cool. You take one step back from a hard day and enjoy the moment. Life is good!

But have you thought about the smoke and its effects on your respiratory tract? Have you thought about your family when lighting up a cigar in your home? We spend most of our time at home. Maintaining a smoke-free zone is one of the key things you can do for your family, guests and even your pets.

Children respond especially sensitive to the poison in secondhand smoke. Asthma, lung- and ear infections are more common with children surrounding by smokers.

AquaMed doesn`t just get rid of odors and lingering particles caused by cigarette smoke, it enriches your air and turns smoky into better air.

Odors and Gaseous Chemicals

Your home is not just your home. It is the place where you cook, eat, sleep, play with your kids, read your books, do your exercise and wow…so much more.

Due to all that you do in your home, every morning, afternoon, evening, you are exposed to a number of chemicals, coming from the paint on your wall, your carpet, maybe even your cooking and definitely from your cleaning products. Not all odors are created equally. Odors are either organic or inorganic compounds. Just as they can be pleasant or unpleasant, they can be harmless or hazardous to your health.

Some chemicals in your home or office have little effect on your health while others may cause serious health issues. The degree to which chemical exposure affects your health depends on how much of the chemical is present in the air, how often you come in contact with it, how harmful it is, and how sensitive you respond to it.

Take your breathing air at home seriously. Simply lift it to a higher level, with fewer chemicals and a natural feeling. AquaMed.

Your home is your precious kingdom. Protect it!