In the Beginning there was the sea.


All life derives from the sea.


With life there was air, vital and full of minerals, trace elements.


Our blood carries them, needs them.


The coast energizes them and makes them available for our breathing.


Breathing is life.

And what is the current situation with our air?

We constantly strive for quick and comfortable transportation. We create a significant volume of traffic with high emission of gases, CO2 and other pollutants.

We need energy to enlight our facilities, to heat our living rooms and to manufacture an incredible variety of cars, furniture, electronics. At the same time we create an unbelievable amount of dust, gaseous chemicals and other airborne pollutants.

The air we breathe today, especially in urban areas, is far away from what we identify with "healthy" or "pure". Exposed to a broad variety of influences, our metropolitan areas often offer low air quality, poor in minerals and other vital elements. Huge buildings, often wetted with a wide range of chemicals in its building fabric together with tight habitats furthermore lead to consistent pollution.

But what makes healthy air so important for us then?

We spend most of the day at home


We love and protect our children


We want to combine urban living with health and safety


We strive for a greater performance at work


With this in mind everything just
leads to one simple conclusion


Air prefiltering

In the first step, the air which is being directed into the device is mechanically pre-cleaned by a replaceable fine filter. The filter’s main scope is to effectively filter out gross particles and raw fine dust as well as usual house dust, smoke, suspended particles, spores, fungi, microorganisms etc. from the incoming air. That ensures that only air free of raw pollution evolves into the device and thus an internal contamination can be largely avoided.

Air humidification and -mineralization

In step two of the AquaMed method, the air is passively moistened with sea-like mineral salt solution . That simulated seawater permanently circulates through a specially designed saline wall. This wall uses a custom built UVC and special salt water-resistant fleece, which is so fine-pored that it obtains perfect humidification of the air passively. Thereby the air undergoes a mineralization that is identical to the natural form on a seashore. Due to the large contact surface of the saline wall, the mineral content of the salt water is passively but completely absorbed and then supplied to the room air. As a result, a salinization of the the environment can largely be avoided.


In the third step the aerosol is now physically sterilized. For this purpose, a powerful UVC burner is integrated, which contains two effective wavelengths and consistently removes not only bacteria, but also viruses from the air flowing inside. In addition to that the water reservoir is permanently irradiated and together with the constant movement of the water, the entire climatic chamber always reaches complete freedom from germs.


In the final step, before the air leaves the device and enriches your room with perfectly clean and mineralized air, it is being highly energized by a physic-chemical reaction. Therefore a UVC wavelength together with a high-voltage device for generating negative ionization are doing their work. These two high-energy factors lead all elements to effectively split into their cleavage products and, on a short-term base, change into high-grade ions, which then re-assemble into natural elements. This ensures that no hazardous ozone concentration can be released into the environment but as well that the so-called VOC (organic odor components) can be removed from the air largely and quickly.

It is a German design

Strongly focusing on not only cleaning your air, but also enriching it with vital ingredients, we have built the AquaMed with a design that promises an incomparable effect of purification and mineralization to your air.

Form follows function

At first we followed the idea to create a better air. Then we answered all questions on function and technology. At the end we have built a sustainable round body shape that stands out. It ensures a 100% consistent purifying and enriching of the air in the inside of its climate chamber before reaching out to inspire your breathing.

Be simple but strive for perfection

We are Germans, so the things we do look quite good, but they perform perfectly. The Top of the AquaMed shows the essentials in controlling the device,  just what you need. Every piece of our AquaMed was chosen to serve the approach and precision with outstanding simplicity.

And we promise, that is not the end of it.

Be curious.

A better air – where to start?

Let’s start with the salt. It is quite known that salty air, which you may absorb at the different seasides all over the world via the skin and the airways, can lead to deep relaxation and bring relief from allergies like hay fever or even skin diseases. The salt from the Dead Sea for example might be used as an antidote for stress and exhaustion, heart and circulatory diseases, even psychosomatic disorders.

The AquaMed method

We have developed a method that perfectly simulates the bio dynamics on a rich and beautiful sea coast. Modern bionics helps us fully understand the interaction between water, salt, sun, the ionizing movements of the sea itself, and the wind. In this way, we have succeeded in transforming the natural ionization of the air, the solar radiation and the mineralization by seawater into a patented method. AquaMed thus unites the complex world of a living sea coast in a single device.

It is all about the water and the salt

Since air purification is a well known technology, we go one step further and create a better air, sea air. We have designed a very valuable salt, which contains all the natural minerals found in seawater. This helps AquaMed create a rich and inspiring air, full of minerals and trace elements.

Supply Voltage: 230 V AC
Breaker: 6,3 A
Energy Intake: 11 W
UVC-unit: 5 Watt; 185 & 254 nm; ~50 μW/cm²-performance, Norm-plug
Negative ion unit: 8 kV (effective > 5,7 kV)
Ventilation: max. 100 m³/hr
Pump:  300 ltr/hr – seawater resistant
Noise Generation: 19 – 29 dB (1. stage: 19 – 25 dB; 2. stage: 25 – 29 dB)
Ozone emission: < 40 ppm (effective < 25 ppm)

Prefilter: E2 with filtering from 5 μm-particle volume
Saline matte: Special Viles, rough porous, UVC- and sea water resistant
Water Emmision Into Air: passively; ca. 0,5 – 1,5 Ltr/Day
Water Circulation: ca. 300 Ltr/Hr
Tank Volume: 6,5 Ltr
Weight: 3,1 kg (empty)
Measures: 31 x 31 cm (spheric form)
Natural Water-Salt Solution: 10 – 30 g of salt per ltr (30 g/ltr comply with the North Sea)