Pamper your customers with a mineralized, simply better air and give them the ultimate relaxation experience.

A person that decides to spend a part of his day at a place of wellness and relaxation, whether it might be a swimming center around the corner or a sauna valley, will mostly develop a higher sensitivity for temperature, breathing and climate conditions during treatments.

Most relaxation and massage oases work for the client’s better well-being with an average room temperature between 22-26 ° C, partly in combination with higher humidity. In those climate conditions germs, bacteria and viruses have a much higher survival and multiplication rate. To reduce this risk while providing an incomparable experience for the visitor, special care is required for hygiene and air quality.

With the important goal of creating an innovation that not only cleans the air, but also inspires it with minerals and trace elements, we are currently working intensively on more flexible solutions for swimming centres, therapeutic centers and others. Therefore we intend to take the patented AquaMed method to a higher level. If you are curious, just register and follow our progress.






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