Take the link between air quality and mental performance seriously and help your students to maintain a higher outcome of their thinking.

Students at a university are basically subject to the same air quality conditions like younger students, e.g. in the preliminary school. The complex mix of indoor and outdoor pollutants compromises the environment and affects the breathing systems of each and every student consistently. Furthermore a university student often experiences a higher contact rate to cigarette smoke, cars, public transportation and in many cases underlays a naturally more irregular rhythm of sleep.

Therefore the importance of a high air quality in the learning environment of University students is significant. Pollutants in the air, bacteria, viruses and a lack of oxygen affect the health of the student in an enormous way, and this happens often still in the important stage of development of body and mind between the age of 19 and 25. Not to mention that the thinking performance might suffer due to bad air in the classroom, the auditorium or the library, where most students intensively prepare for exams.

With the clear approach of not only cleansing the air but enriching it  with vital minerals and trace elements, like at a vital seashore, the AquaMed can create a safe environment in which  students can perform better with a healthy unfolding of the respiratory tracts.

Create a better learning environment for students

With our patented AquaMed method, we strive for better air for students as well as enriching their learning environment. This ambition motivates us to develop individual solutions for classrooms of different sizes, laboratories, auditoriums and the often ramified libraries. Soon we will be able to offer more solutions for the different requirements in your university. If you are interested in our progress, please leave a message or subscribe. We’ll keep you posted.






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