Don’t let airborne pollutants compromise the learning environment of our kids.

To be a student at the school is a complex and long challenge every one of us goes through in one life. We have so much to do with our regular homework, all those tests and the ambition to socialize. At least as complex and challenging it is to be a student, it is to create and maintain healthful air quality in schools. Air pollutants from cars passing by, the building itself, the children running in and out, sniffing and coughing, and other sources cause concern about the health and comfort of students and staff.

Which many wouldn’t believe, asthma is one of the leading causes of absenteeism among children in school age. And unfortunately there is a direct link between respiratory diseases, such as asthma, in young ages and elevated air pollution exposure. Not to mention that consistent exposure to polluted air might lead to decreased respiratory function later in life.

AquaMed responds to this with its innovative method, which primarily provides the mineralization of the air with 65 vital minerals and trace elements. The precious sea salt enriches the air and reaches our mucous membranes via the bronchi and the lungs. AquaMed not only cleans the air but also allows the students to breathe a mineralized, better air in their habitual environment. They can thus concentrate on their tasks, surrounded by a clearly less polluted and natural air.

Create a better environment for our children

With our AquaMed method, we strive for better air for each individual. This approach motivates us to develop individual solutions for classrooms and other learning environments. Our goal is to accompany the creative bodies and spirits of our children in their healthy development, large and small. Soon we will be able to present different solutions for different requirements in your school. If you want to know more, simply register or leave a short message. We’ll keep you posted.






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