Enrich your working environment with a totally purified and mineralized air and find out about your greater performance

Guess where most people spend their time only second after at home. It is the office, the production line, the bakery store and every other place we call work. That is why the air people breathe at work is likely to be as much important and affective on health, but as well on productivity, as it is at people’s homes.

The origin of polluted air at work can underlay a huge number of various sources, indoors and outdoors. The outdoor sources might include busy streets, bus terminals, adjacent car parks, railway stations, airports, manufacturing, industry, agriculture and more. Metal heat treatments, laboratories, air conditioning, laptops and screens, office and building materials (e.g. sick building syndrome), photocopiers and laser printers and badly maintained HVAC systems, often indicate (chemical) gaseous and particulate pollutants.

A study from a Swedish research institute confirms that a higher air quality at an office is directly linked to a greater satisfaction of the staff and the guests, such as clients or customers. It additionally connects to a higher efficiency and better results.

With your health and performance in mind, the AquaMed supports you to overcome the negative air influences at the office and helps you to create and surely maintain a safe and performance driven work environment for your staff, yourself and every guest. The mineralization of the air with natural sea salt will clearly indicate a higher air quality with the approach to elevate the energy level during the whole day.

As far as we have reached a significant target to create a device that not only purifies air, but enriches it with minerals and trace elements, we want to follow up with more flexible solutions for business offices, manufacturing facilities and further. Therefore we soon want to take our method to the next level. If you are curious about it, please subscribe or leave a short message and follow our progress.






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