Protect your precious pieces! And furthermore help your guests enjoy each and every one of them while breathing an air that tells more than just one story.

With the intention to last for a lifetime, even centuries, a museum is quite sensitive to its indoor environment. Traditionally it is the exposure to light, the relative humidity and temperature that  affects the condition of each picture, each statue and other wonderful piece in a museum. With a rising attention to the effects of air pollutants on museum objects we understand that maintaining and preserving the condition of those storytellers is substantially different from maintaining and preserving the health of human beings.

AquaMed at the moment provides a single solution that offers a specialized air treatment for smaller areas. A richer air that protects your precious objects from the exposure to air pollution but as well helps your guests to breathe an incredibly rich air while being fascinated piece by piece. Very soon AquaMed will have the ability to assist museums by providing higher specialized solutions. If you would like to know more, get in touch with us or simply subscribe and we’ll keep you posted.






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