Take a step further and do not only clean your air, create a better air that helps our children to develop

Almost every parent can tell a story about their children coming back from the kindergarden and ailing. That infection can vary from smaller symptoms, such as coughing, to heavier situations like high temperature and even a flu. And it is not just the children themselves infecting each other, it is a complex mix of indoor and outdoor pollutants that compromises those environments, where our little princesses and princes seek for development of their body and mind.

Children, especially in the youngest ages, show particular vulnerability to toxic air contaminants. Due to their development and consistent growth of organs, their breathing rates are higher in relation to their body weight and their lung development is sensitively and directly affected by the air they breathe. An exposure to polluted air during these developing years might lead to decreased respiratory function later in life.

AquaMed and its patented method have this in mind and do not compromise, whether it is the air or the present deficit of minerals in the air. AquaMed supports through progressive cleansing while at the same time mineralizing the air to help our children develop a strong and resistant breathing system. Soon, AquaMed will be able to present further solutions for the various requirements at school, kindergartens and day care centers. If you want to know more, just register or leave a message. We’ll inform you about our steady progress.






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