If you do care, create a richer and healthier air that suits your doctor’s ambition to protect people from bacteria, viruses and other negative influences.

At a Doctors’ office, the indoor air quality faces similar and often even higher challenges than a home. Not only that outdoor air pollution drifts indoors and thus becomes indoor air pollution, it is also considered a site with the highest bacterial and viral density, due to many patients waiting or in consultation. Especially during periods of flue, e.g. in autumn and winter, waiting rooms of medical practices turn into true sources of infection. This might cause discomfort for patients, especially those who are suffering from respiratory conditions such as allergies or asthma. Because every sneezing, coughing or blowing, releases germs, bacteria and viruses to the room air, an extra care must be given to protecting the patients’ and employees’ health by helping them to breathe a purified, rich air, that is not only reduced in bacteria, dust and others, but strengthens the body by mineralizing the air with vital elements.

With AquaMed you can create an environment in your doctor’s office, that goes beyond purified air. It helps everybody, patient and yourself, to feel safe from bacteria and others and breathe a better air. You will feel it, inspired by the nature of the sea and its coasts.






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