Get control of this high contamination level and let the naturally mineralized air positively affect your patients well being, already during treatment.

Every patient knows that smell in a dental’s office. It is the chemical disinfectants that are responsible for this unpleasant odor. Due to the execution of regular dental work and the use of various chemical compounds, the risk of exposure to a range of potentially harmful airborne contaminants increases. That often makes you use those chemical disinfectants to maintain a safe environment, although they may also cause irritation and even have a sensitizing potential, especially for the always present staff.
In addition to that the use of special equipment, which is designed to enter and treat a patient’s mouth, generates fine droplets which are light enough to stay airborne for hours. Easy to inhale, the bacteria and viruses, which are contained in these micro-droplets, consistently constitute a potential source of infection. That leads to an almost constant exposure of yours as a dentist, your staff and patients to a wide variety of air pollutants during routine dental work.
The AquaMed helps to provide an effective and clearly innovative solution for better air at your dental’s office. The method significantly reduces the contamination through mercury vapors, disinfectants, and volatile organic compounds.
And with the approach to consistently improve the AquaMed, we are currently working on a more flexible solution that not only provides the better air to your dental’s office, but helps you to capture the particles and gaseous chemicals directly at source. If you would like to know more, simply subscribe or leave a note and we’ll keep you posted.






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