Breathe a better air, enriched with vital minerals and trace elements. Be sure that your voice will thank you for that, word by word.

You are a singer, musician, artist and you perform all through the year, again and again, at different places. You know exactly what it means to counter bad air during the rehearsals or even during a concert. This leads you to proactively control air quality and combat all negative airborne elements that could harm your unique voice. From opera singers to rock-stars, especially famous artists, they are very sensitive to this topic and even refuse to perform at certain places, e.g. Las Vegas, just because of bad air.

Singers who perform throughout the whole year, again and again, in different locations, know exactly what it means to face bad air during rehearsals or even a gig. That drives every professional to proactively manage air quality and fight all those bad elements that can cause harm to their unique voices. From Singers at the opera to rock stars, especially famous artists take care and deny even to perform at specific places due to bad air.

With AquaMed, being a pro, a talent or just someone who loves to sing, you can easily take control and surround yourself with the air you were meant to breathe. The specially designed salt, in combination with the unique AquaMed approach, mineralizes your air and gives new energy and a powerful appearance. We can not promise you to become a vocal genius, but we will give our best so that the air you breathe is mineralized and simply better, in your studio, under the shower, wherever you unfold your precious voice.






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