Breathe. Feel. Live.

You taste sea salt on your skin. The sun is shining and warming your body. The light wind and the water crushing on the stones make you feel free from any harm. The modern bionics helps to understand the nature and creates the perfect result for your air. AquaMed

Your business is full of energy, emotion and vibrant people. They run, they jump, they climb the highest mountains. Sweat. Tears. Laughter. They breathe air. Create a better working environment, with a better air. AquaMed

Meet the new AquaMed

An innovation device, that not only purifies your air, but brings the purest sea air into your personal environment. Nearly 30 years ago an electrical engineer in Germany began researching and developing a fully-fledged marine climate device. A small group of scientists, technicians, a physician for pulmology and a therapist aligned quickly after to work on the revolutionary idea of today’s AquaMed. And now for the first time three completely different but purely by nature inspired technologies have been united in this clearly unique purifier.

Like nothing you have seen

Be functional, be effective, be a German design all over
Do not just purify the air, make it better, rich of minerals and trace elements
Use water and sea salt, the origin of all life, and help the people around you to enjoy every breath
Be innovative, be unique

In four different, but interacting steps, the Aqua Med can change your air environment with one clear objective.

"Radically reduce the load of air pollution and enrich the air you breathe with vital minerals and trace elements, inspired by the sea air."

So breathe the Aqua Med air, feel the difference and live a healthier life.

What are the key indications for the air we breathe?

Even though no global standard for clean air exists, there are many different definitions of clean air. The air quality outdoors varies depending on emissions from industries nearby, traffic exhaust and indivudal local conditions. According to several environmental protection agencies, the indoor air quality can be two to five times – and occasionally up to 100 times – more polluted than the air outside. Numerous studies show that breathing clean air can contribute to your health and well-being.


90% percent of your life is spent indoors


Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air


The average person breathes in 50,000 pollution particles a day

Approximately 20 Mio. allergics and 8. Mio with respiratory diseases in Germany.
The growth rate is 6-8% per year.

But what exactly do we find in the air we breathe indoors?


A type of antigen that produces an abnormal immune response. Bio aerosols - originating from dust mites, animals, and cockroaches - have been strongly linked to allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Airborn Chemicals (VOC)

VOCs are gases emitted from household products like cleaning agents, paints, plastics, and synthetic fibers. Some VOCs are carcinogens, and exposure can cause asthmatic symptoms and decreased cognitive function.


A type of fungus that is ubiquitous and grows when conditions are favorable. Mold can survive in very harsh conditions and can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems.


A type of pathogen that replicates inside living cells of other organisms. Viruses are the primary cause of airborne infectious diseases like influenza (including swine and bird flu), SARS, and rhinovirus (common cold).


Opportunistic organisms that can form symbiotic or pathogenic relationships with humans. Airborne bacteria can cause respiratory infections like pneumonia, strep throat (streptococcus), and Legionnaire’s disease.

Dust Mites

Dust mite waste triggers asthma. Dust mites are found in 90% of all homes. For example, 47% of all bedding in North America contains enough dust mite allergen to trigger allergies.


Rats and mice can be in a home for months without being discovered. The protein in their urine dries, mingles with dust and becomes airborne. The harmful allergen can get into ventilation system and be circulated throughout the home.


Dust is a harmful indoor allergen that contains particles of dust mites, chemicals, outdoor minerals, insect parts, dander, fungi, and bacteria. Inhaling dust can trigger allergies and asthma.

How does AquaMed exactly improve the indoor air quality?

1. Air prepurification

The supplied air is pre-cleaned by means of a fine filter for coarse
dirt particles, fine dust particles as well as coarse house dust, fungi, suspended particles, spores, microorganisms.

3. Sterilization

The generated aerosol is firstly sterilized of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms by a UVC unit with two effective wavelengths.
Together with the consistent effect on- and movement of the water, the “climatic chamber” always
reaches complete sterility.

2. Air humidification and mineralization

The water, enriched with high-quality sea salt, circulates through a pump and a specially designed saltwater wall. This allows optimal humidification as well as mineralization of the air, as in natural form can only be found on a seashore.

4. Air activation

As with a cleansing thunderstorm, after which the air seems so light and fresh, the aerosol is now highly ionized by means of a high-voltage cascade. This leads to the activation of all present components in air and water.

AquaMed is helping people all around the world to breathe a better air


What people say

“The AquaMed is astonishing. Our Shop and especially our studio offer a totally different experience now. People are surprised by the freshness. And we can practice for hours in our small studio, it still feels rich of fresh air.”

Nenad MikićEntrepreneur & Musician, Banja Luka (BiH)

“It is fresh, it is simple and it makes my Photo studio rich and bright for every customer. I feel confirmed choosing AquaMed everytime a client comes in and asks about how I maintain such a light and clean air. Wonderful”

Terzo AlgeriPhotographer, Heilbronn (Ger)

“Somehow the AquaMed has changed my apartment into a place of happiness. When I come home from a hard day of work, traffic and busy people, I use a sensible breathing technique to relax. The rich air helps me to find inner piece and focus my body and soul.”

Melisa Li, YingchaoEntrepreneur, Beijing (CN)

Choose the air you breathe

What you don’t see can still harm you, and air pollution is a great, often invisible risk to your health. The World Health Organization confirms that by breathing clean air, you can reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as asthma. The Aqua Med not only removes harmful airborne pollutants and thereby greatly reduces the health effects associated with breathing bad indoor air, it brings the purest sea air into your chosen environment.

Embrace Your AquaMed