How bad is air pollution?

The EPA for example states that indoor air can be up to 5 times and in some cases even 100 times worse than the outdoors. In our white paper, we detail the results of a number of health studies done on the effects of indoor air pollution and human health.

How can outdoor pollution affect the air quality indoors?

The main cause of indoor air pollution is inefficient fuel combustion from undeveloped technologies used for cooking, heating and lighting. There are also natural indoor air pollutants, like chemical pollutants from building materials and cleaning products. However, outdoor air pollution can be a great contributor to indoor pollution, especially in highly ventilated homes or homes near pollution sources. Similarly, indoor air pollution sources may also cause outdoor air pollution, especially in cities where many homes use biomass fuels or coal for heating and cooking.

Why do I need an air purifier?

Indoor air is up to 100 times more polluted than outside air. Emissions from traffic and industrial plants seep indoors and combine with particles from cleaning fluids, beauty products, building materials, carpets, candles, cooking and smoking. In fact, indoor air may contain over 900 chemicals-in addition to pollen, molds, pet dander, and viruses. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, consistently breathing clean air can have a significant impact on our health.

Sources: The US Environment Protection Agency, The European Commission.

What are VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)? Are they harmful to my health?

VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) are organic chemicals that have vapor pressure points at an ordinary room temperature. These high pressure points cause large numbers of molecules to evaporate from a liquid or solid form to a gas and flow into the air. These gas particles are harmful to humans and can cause health problems such as headaches, nausea and even liver damage.  Some VOC examples are second hand smoke, exhaust from cars and paint.

Why sea air?

Man comes from the sea; It is said. And investigations have shown that the blood mineralization on the coasts corresponds approximately to that of the sea water. In Germany and particularly the cities, this looks very different. In addition to this, the mineralization has become deficient due to industrialized food production. It is only logical that you should take care of the natural mineralization as it is at sea. And the seawater contains all the necessary minerals and trace elements that a healthy organism needs and today only rarely in full width, neither over the air, over the food nor over drinking water gets.

And these marine minerals are indispensable for the function of the metabolism, especially the enzinsing. Not for nothing are the sea coasts also regarded as a healing climate in various diseases. AquaMed produces a natural sea climate in the room air 24 hours a day, while continuously discharging all marine minerals.

I already have an air purifier, why do I need AquaMed?

The AquaMed is not superficially an air purifier or a humidifier. The AquaMed is the only device that can produce a patent-pending method for creating a natural-imperial sea climate in domestic air. This goes far beyond the function of simple air cleaners or humidifiers. It improves the room climate noticeably in a unique and biologically meaningful manner.

Is AquaMed a medical device?

The name suggests – but the name was only chosen as a tribute to the first MareMed from the 1980s.
But no: neither the device nor the air emitted is a medical device according to the Medical Devices Act. The marine climate on the coast is not a medical device, nor can it be – even though the soothing and even healing powers of the sea air have been known and appreciated since time immemorial. Spa and bath medicine also knows these effects and regularly uses them for suffering patients.
The AquaMed can therefore be useful as a useful addition; But this should always be done in consultation with a doctor or a naturopath.

Is the AquaMed safe and has it been tested by the TÜV?

Yes absolutely. The device bears the CE mark and is therefore EU-compliant; I. It complies with all relevant standards for device safety. The AquaMed has TÜV tests for electromagnetic safety, electrical and mechanical safety as well as UVC safety, and ultimately it has been tested for hygiene and has been certified by TÜV Rheinland / LGA.

There are further, e.g. scientific researches on the procedure?

Yes. Since 1985, the process has been constantly investigated for safety and efficacy in scientific studies at universities and institutes, and is therefore one of the best-studied instrumentation systems in this field.

In addition, customer experience has been gathered over the entire period, and also medical test and experience reports have been documented.

The Product

Where exactly to place AquaMed?

The device can be placed anywhere in the house or in the home or office. It should only have a level surface and be sure. Preferred locations are, therefore, the rooms in which one is situated for a long period of time, e.g. Bedrooms, children’s rooms, study rooms and living quarters.

What kind of special technology is used within the AquaMed?

The AquaMed uses a very special, unique technology, which has been patent pending and approved throughout Europe. The development of the device was quite different: First of all, it was investigated the physicochemical conditions on a sea coast. And only then did it go into the long-term laboratory work to understand the environmental conditions technically. For this purpose, a very special “climate chamber” was created, which simulates exactly these coastal conditions to a large extent and thus is able to successfully and permanently create a natural marine climate.

The identified core elements such as 2-wave UVC radiation, internal ozone formation, high-voltage negative ionization and large-area mineral saturation of the moist air were realized in a “climatic chamber” at great technical expense. The requirements for technical safety and material properties are considerable.

What does the Aqua Med exactly do?

The device fulfills several sensible steps in a unique way:

  1. It mechanically cleans the sucked air of particles larger than 5 μm
  2. It moistens and chemically optimizes the pre-purified air.
  3. It physico-chemically removes most of the odors
  4. It disinfects physically effective water and damp air in the device
  5. It physically and chemically keeps all mineral particles in the room air in solution

Does AquaMed produce harmful byproducts that can harm us?

Not at all! Our chemical reactions, whether on the filter, during ionization, or also in the UVC unit, are either harmless and remain far below the risk limit for humans and animals.

Is it necessary to ensure that the windows are closed during operation of the AquaMed?

The windows can be opened or closed, as the technology works in an environment-independent manner.

How much energy does AquaMed consume?

AquaMed consumes 40-60W (110-220V) of energy, which is similar to an incandescent light bulb. The device is operated with the conventional household power supply of 230 V AC.

How fast does AquaMed clean a room?

The unit rotates between 60 and 100 square meters of room air per hour, depending on the fan setting. This corresponds to the performance that a room of 30 m² is circulated once per hour. However, since the device is operated in 24-hour operation, it can very effectively operate rooms around 60 to 80 m².

What is the noise level of AquaMed?

During development, attention was paid to noise. In stage 1, the fan runs in the barely perceptible “whisper mode” and arrives there at approx. 17 – 19 dB. In the normal mode (stage 2), a slight air noise is heard – but this is still in the lower level range of approx. 20 – 29 dB, which is still perceived as not disturbing. Therefore, it is also ideal for use in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

In which environment does the Aqua Med work?

The device works in any environment that meets European climate requirements. In areas where the air pollution is higher, then only the pre-filters have to be replaced more often. The technology itself is otherwise environment-independent.

Which functions are available in AquaMed?

Since the device has been designed for a simple operation and follows the “Bauhaus” design specifications, it has only two control elements: On the one hand an on / off switch and on the other hand the changeover switch for the fan speed. Here, in step 1, a whisper mode and in step 2 a normal mode is available selectively. Everything else is electronically controlled or controlled internally in the device.

As relevant displays, special states are indicated via LEDs, for example, the initial sterilization at restart and then also water deficiency as well as the opening of the device is displayed visually. Opening the device may also mean that the device is not properly closed.

Do I need any further substances or chemicals to germinate the device?

No! The AquaMed is effectively disinfected by a UVC double burner with two effective wavelengths (254 nm and 185 nm), and bacteria, spores, fungi, algae, microorganisms and viruses are effectively physically killed. This completely eliminates the addition of chemical disinfectants, which would then also contaminate the respiratory air again.

What does ``sterilization`` indicate after switching on?

Since, after switching off, residual water always remains in the reservoir, this can become soiled since the outlet opening is open. In order to prevent any risk of possible temporary germs during the restart, the remaining water is first continuously circulated for a period of 10 min and sterilized by the UVC double burner. In this phase, the fan is still so that only the air space inside the unit is purged. The fan then starts and releases the air, which is now safely sterilized, to the room.

Does the AquaMed monitor air quality?

The device does not require active and complex measuring devices. The device has a climatic chamber, in which the optimal air conditions are achieved, in particular with regard to the air humidity and the air materialization. Thus, the device adapts almost automatically and in “patented” form to the environment and its conditions.

How does ``Passive`` mode work?

The internal climate chamber is designed in such a way that the air supplied is passively processed. In addition to the pre-filtering of the incoming air, the air is physically and chemically optimally saturated and processed inside the device. The air thus only receives as much moisture and minerals as the ambient ratio of the room air at the respective room temperature naturally allows. Therefore, the device is to be operated in an environment-independent manner. The water and mineral consumption depends on the natural absorption capacity of the ambient air and leads to a balanced balance.

Is there a salt deposit in the area?

No. Through the passive device concept, the air can never take up more salt than it can naturally bring into saturation. In addition, an effective negative ionization of the molecular and atomic groups is achieved by means of a negative high voltage, which ensures physically and chemically the optimum solubility of all components in the air. This is why the AquaMed does not come to salt deposits again and again.

How much water does the unit consume?

The water consumption depends on various factors, e.g. The room size, the temperature and the existing humidity in the room. The consumption can be roughly estimated to be between 0.5 – 1.5 liters per day. However, the water discharge is always passive according to the prevailing environmental influences. In principle, over-moisturizing does not take place.

How is AquaMed handled during operation?

After filling the device with the seawater solution, the device is switched on and from the time it works without further necessary interventions. The device controls the water level and, in the case of a minority, it indicates this by a red LED. Then only the water needs to be filled; And it continues. In addition, the pre-filter must be renewed regularly. Otherwise, the device will also run continuously without further interventions. And once a month, the unit should be cleaned and the water completely replaced.

How do I get the seawater solution into the device?

The production of the seawater solution is conceivably simple: normal drinking water / tap water is used. In addition, the original AquaMed sea salt. For the solution optimally approx. 30g / Ltr. Sea salt. This means that one measuring beaker of sea salt must be added per liter of filling. The sea salt mixture is produced according to the German GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) rules and is immediately soluble without residues. It contains all the important minerals and trace elements as found in seawater.

What should I do if my local tap water is extremely hard (calcareous)?

With an extreme lime hardness, it is sensibly easy to add about 50% distilled water for household use. This protects the device and especially the pump from calcification.


Is the device available in different colours?

Currently, it is only available in one color. However, in the future, different colors are planned, e.g. In addition to silver also white, black and possibly even more colors. However, this depends on the available material, as this must last permanently.

Where is the product made?

The AquaMed is completely manufactured in Germany. Apart from a few electronic switching parts, all components are manufactured by German suppliers. Therefore, the German manufacturer is also subject to German quality management. In Germany, it was also developed and TÜV-tested and patented.

Is AquaMed available in other countries outside of Germany?

Since the device has the CE mark, it can be used in all European countries and can also be purchased from the customer.


Can the AquaMed be in operation around the clock?

Yes. The AquaMed is designed for permanent continuous operation. Therefore it is even better if the device runs 24 hours a day. In addition, it is much gentler to the device than when it is switched on and off continuously; especially the pump and the UVC unit.

How often do I have to replace the filter?

This depends primarily on the degree of pollution of the quality of the home air as well as on the load in their own rooms. I.d.R. The air pre-filter must only be changed twice a month. It can be necessary to change the filter even weekly if there is a strong smoke load or when there is a lot of carpets and in congested areas.

How do I know when to change the filter?

In the course of air purification, the filter turns from pure white to gray-beige. This can last until brownish discoloration. Experience shows that it is beneficial to replace the filter when darker darkening occurs. Please immediately discard these filters immediately. And then wash your hands immediately. The filters should neither be vacuumed nor washed.

How can I buy additional filters and other spare parts?

The air filters together with the other spare parts (e.g. the UVC unit) are available through the sales partner or directly via the AquaMed GmbH. There are also large and inexpensive stockpacks.

Does the AquaMed work with mains power?

Yes. The device is operated with the conventional household power supply of 230 V AC.

What is the cost for consumables?

The consumption of consumables is subject to regular replacement of the pre-filter and the necessary quantity of sea salt when refilling with drinking water. Every 6 – 12 months, the saline mat should be renewed. As well as every 12 months years, the UVC burner unit should be replaced. The change of these components is very simple and can be carried out independently by the user.
In addition, the energy consumption is about 11 watts / hour very low.

How often do I need to clean the device?

We recommend you to clean the device every 14 days, at least once a month. This includes a complete water change as well as a cleansing run with citric acid, as described in the instructions for use, in order to remove possible lime scale residues completely. In addition, you should clean the underbody with a hand brush, if necessary, and rinse with clear tap water.


How do I submit feedback or a feature request?

We’d love to hear your ideas for new features or any feedback you may have.  Please contact us anytime and let us know how we can improve our product and experience.


Tell us more about what you’re interested in and we’ll point you in the right direction.  Email us at:

How do I contact support?

You can email us at or call us on 12345678 Mo – Sat from 8 am to 6 pm.


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