The history of the so called marine climate device began in the region of Bavarian Chiemgau in the early 1980s. A respiratory diseased engineer built the first marine climate device for his home. The trigger for that vicious idea was his self-experience to not feel any of his usual symptoms at the German Northern Sea, where he often used to spend his holidays.

Unfortunately those symptoms returned as soon as he came back to his original living environment, Bavaria. Shaped by the passion and ambition of the engineer to help himself, after approximately one year of several researches and tryouts the first serial marine air device was created: MareMed. At that time the first series was distributed by the company Aquarius GmbH.

Practical experiences in the field have consistently shown positive results in terms of an easier breathing, reduced number and frequency of symptoms for a respiratory disease and an improved quality of life. So, it has been successfully used against many diseases of the respiratory tract . However, due to the technology’s state of the art , the technical implementation and especially the implication of consistent sea air simulation had some difficulties, which couldn’t be solved easily.

It became evident during continuous operation and use of the device over a time period of several months. The available and affordable materials at that time were not resistant enough against the salt-aggressive sea water. That led to a consistent sea water specific corrosion on the body’s surface. Thus, improvements were constantly made, they unfortunately proved to be insufficient for a stable marketing.

The big turn in 2015

AquaMed – A New Approach

It was the year of 2015 when a new start for the great idea of “simply better air” was taken in a forceful act – An extensive study on modern bionics helped to understand the interdependencies between sea water, sun, wind, water movements and the complex effects on air.

The findings were incredible. The bio dynamical complexity leading to purity and at the same time richness on vital minerals and trace elements came together to what we identify with natural marine air. For the first time it was clear that we were dealing with even more complex physic-chemical conditions, which needed to be studied in order to finally understand, how to implicate natural and strong marine climate conditions into our device.

A Long Way

We transformed the results into several different steps and processes until finally created a functioning climate chamber. In the inside of this “chamber” we reached a completely natural and consistent simulation of nearly all processes at a lively sea coast.

Sharp targets to our budget and at the same time unrivaled ambition to successfully realize this innovative but not yet fully developed product led us to the integration of some important partners into our research and development.

The result was a new concept, still based on the complexity of nature, but simple in its logic and hardware. The newly gained insights from materials research helped to produce a device with consistently UVC- and seawater-resistant materials, while at the same time achieving a lean and sustainable production.


In 2017 we achieved our biggest milestone: the unique AquaMed and its patented technology are ready to support you with a better air and offer a more valuable life.
n 2017 we have finally reached our greatest milestone: the unique AquaMed, with its patented method, is ready to support you with a clean air enriched by vital minerals and trace elements, as you would know only from the shores of the world's oceans. A new experience. More quality of life.

We would like to thank our loyal partners for supporting us with our dream of “the better air”. We also thank for the faith in us and the inspiring moments in the joint work.

Our Promise is „Made in Germany“

Our guidance is to work with partners that share our approach to a sustainable supply chain and high-quality products. We want to do more than just produce and sell. Our ambition is to support people with different needs in their every day life. AquaMed marine air is an important step and just the beginning of a valuable journey.

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